Subject CodeSubject NameSemesterSectionCore / ElectiveName List
BE101Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering21CEProg. CoreName List
BE101Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering21CSProg. CoreName List
BE101Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering21ITProg. CoreName List
BE101Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering21MEProg. CoreName List
BE102Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering21CHProg. CoreName List
BE102Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering21ECProg. CoreName List
BE102Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering21EEProg. CoreName List
BE102Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering21EIProg. CoreName List
BE103Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratory21CHProg. CoreName List
BE103Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratory21ECProg. CoreName List
BE103Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratory21EEProg. CoreName List
BE103Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratory21EIProg. CoreName List
CA157Design and Analysis of Algorithms2Prog. CoreName List
CA158Object Oriented Programming2Prog. CoreName List
CA159Computer Organization and Architecture2Prog. CoreName List
CA160Business Process2Prog. CoreName List
CA161Computer Graphics and Animation2Prog. CoreName List
CA162Algorithms Laboratory2Prog. CoreName List
CA163Object Oriented Programming Laboratory2Prog. CoreName List
CA169Web Technologies4Prog. CoreName List
CA170Theory of Computation4Prog. CoreName List
CA171Software Engineering4Prog. CoreName List
CA172Web Technologies Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
CA173CASE Tools Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
CA179Project Work6Prog. CoreName List
CAE53Information Security4Prog. ElectiveName List
CAE54Cloud Computing4Prog. ElectiveName List
CE101Engineering Mechanics21CEProg. CoreName List
CE101Engineering Mechanics21CSProg. CoreName List
CE101Engineering Mechanics21ITProg. CoreName List
CE101Engineering Mechanics21MEProg. CoreName List
CE109Mechanics of Solids - II4Prog. CoreName List
CE110Concrete Technology4Prog. CoreName List
CE111Hydraulics and Hydraulics Machinery4Prog. CoreName List
CE112Fluid Mechanics and Machines Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
CE113Engineering Geology4Prog. CoreName List
CE114Professional Ethics and Practice4Prog. CoreName List
CE121Environmental Engineering II6Prog. CoreName List
CE122Transportation Engineering6Prog. CoreName List
CE123Geotechnical Engineering - I6Prog. CoreName List
CE124Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
CE125Computer Aided Structural Analysis Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
CE126Design and Drawing Laboratory (RCC)6Prog. CoreName List
CE133Comprehensive Test and Viva-Voce8Prog. CoreName List
CE134Project Work (Phase II)8Prog. CoreName List
CE154Transport of Water and Wastewater2Prog. CoreName List
CE155Design and Operation of Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems2Prog. CoreName List
CE156Mini Project2Prog. CoreName List
CE159Project Phase - II4Prog. CoreName List
CE164Finite Element Methods2Prog. CoreName List
CE165Design of Steel Structures2Prog. CoreName List
CE166CAD in Structural Engineering2Prog. CoreName List
CE168Project Phase - II4Prog. CoreName List
CEE51Air and Water Quality Modelling2Prog. ElectiveName List
CEE57Environmental Geotechnology2Prog. ElectiveName List
CEE58Environmental Impact Assessment2Prog. ElectiveName List
CEE69Stability of Structures2Prog. ElectiveName List
CEE71Design of Bridges2Prog. ElectiveName List
CEE76Design of Steel Concrete Composite Structures2Prog. ElectiveName List
CEE84Design of Industrial Structures2Prog. ElectiveName List
CEG13Project Management6Gen. ElectiveName List
CEG13Project Management8Gen. ElectiveName List
CEP06Advanced Surveying4Prog. ElectiveName List
CEP08Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering6Prog. ElectiveName List
CEP08Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering8Prog. ElectiveName List
CEP19Design of RCC Structures6Prog. ElectiveName List
CEP21Design and Construction of Prefabricated Structures8Prog. ElectiveName List
CEP23Earthquake Resistant Structures8Prog. ElectiveName List
CH103Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics4Prog. CoreName List
CH104Process Heat Transfer4Prog. CoreName List
CH105Mass Transfer I4Prog. CoreName List
CH106Momentum Transfer Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
CH113Chemical Reaction Engineering II6Prog. CoreName List
CH114Chemical Process Industries6Prog. CoreName List
CH115Process and Mechanical Design of Chemical Equipment6Prog. CoreName List
CH116Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
CH117Computational Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
CH124Comprehensive Test and Viva-Voce8Prog. CoreName List
CH125Project Work (Phase II)8Prog. CoreName List
CHP01Energy Technology and Management6Prog. ElectiveName List
CHP06Polymer Science and Technology8Prog. ElectiveName List
CHP07New Separation Techniques6Prog. ElectiveName List
CHP08Petrochemical Technology8Prog. ElectiveName List
CHP09Nuclear Technology4Prog. ElectiveName List
CHP17Membrane Technology8Prog. ElectiveName List
CS101Computer Programming21CHProg. CoreName List
CS101Computer Programming21ECProg. CoreName List
CS101Computer Programming21EEProg. CoreName List
CS101Computer Programming21EIProg. CoreName List
CS102Computer Programming - Laboratory21CHProg. CoreName List
CS102Computer Programming - Laboratory21ECProg. CoreName List
CS102Computer Programming - Laboratory21EEProg. CoreName List
CS102Computer Programming - Laboratory21EIProg. CoreName List
CS108Operating Systems4Prog. CoreName List
CS109Design and Analysis of Algorithms4Prog. CoreName List
CS110Microprocessors and Microcontrollers4Prog. CoreName List
CS111Operating System Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
CS112Design and Analysis of Algorithms Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
CS113Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
CS120Database Management Systems6Prog. CoreName List
CS121Software Engineering6Prog. CoreName List
CS122Web Technologies6Prog. CoreName List
CS123Database Management Systems Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
CS124Software Engineering Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
CS125Web Technologies Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
CS131Comprehensive Test and Viva-Voce8Prog. CoreName List
CS132Project Work (Phase II)8Prog. CoreName List
CS156Cloud Computing2Prog. CoreName List
CS157Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services2Prog. CoreName List
CS158Advance Software Laboratory - II2Prog. CoreName List
CS159Research Methodology2Prog. CoreName List
CS161Project Phase II4Prog. CoreName List
CS167Security Standards and Information Security Management2Prog. CoreName List
CS168Applied Cryptography2Prog. CoreName List
CS169Information Security Laboratory - II2Prog. CoreName List
CS171Project Work (Phase II)4Prog. CoreName List
CSE62Network Management Systems2Prog. ElectiveName List
CSE64Text Data Mining2Prog. ElectiveName List
CSE68Distributed System Security2Prog. ElectiveName List
CSE69Ethical Hacking2Prog. ElectiveName List
CSE74Security Assessment And Verification2Prog. ElectiveName List
CSE76Network Security Essentials2Prog. ElectiveName List
CSE83Intellectual Property Rights2Prog. ElectiveName List
CSP04Graphics and Image Processing4Prog. ElectiveName List
CSP10Cloud Computing8Prog. ElectiveName List
CSP13Software Testing and Quality Assurance8Prog. ElectiveName List
CSP15Mobile Application Development6Prog. ElectiveName List
CSP17Advanced Java Programming4Prog. ElectiveName List
CSP17Advanced Java Programming6Prog. ElectiveName List
CSP19Information Security6Prog. ElectiveName List
CSP23Software Project Management8Prog. ElectiveName List
CY102Environmental Science21CEProg. CoreName List
CY102Environmental Science21CHProg. CoreName List
CY102Environmental Science21CSProg. CoreName List
CY102Environmental Science21ECProg. CoreName List
CY102Environmental Science21EEProg. CoreName List
CY102Environmental Science21EIProg. CoreName List
CY102Environmental Science21ITProg. CoreName List
CY102Environmental Science21MEProg. CoreName List
CY103Chemistry Laboratory21CEProg. CoreName List
CY103Chemistry Laboratory21CSProg. CoreName List
CY103Chemistry Laboratory21ITProg. CoreName List
CY103Chemistry Laboratory21MEProg. CoreName List
CY106Organic Chemistry4Prog. CoreName List
CY107Organic Chemistry Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
CYE53Environmental Pollution Monitoring Techniques2Prog. ElectiveName List
EC106Electronic Circuit Design4Prog. CoreName List
EC107Communication Systems4Prog. CoreName List
EC108Digital System Design4Prog. CoreName List
EC109Electronic Circuit Design Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
EC110Communication Systems Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
EC111Digital System Design Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
EC115Communication Networks6Prog. CoreName List
EC116Microwave and Optical Engineering6Prog. CoreName List
EC117VLSI Design6Prog. CoreName List
EC118Communication Networks Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
EC119Microwave and Optical Communication Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
EC120VLSI Design Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
EC126Comprehensive Test and Viva-Voce8Prog. CoreName List
EC127Project Work (Phase II)8Prog. CoreName List
EC155RF System Design2Prog. CoreName List
EC156Embedded Systems and RTOS2Prog. CoreName List
EC157Mini Project2Prog. CoreName List
EC158Research Methodology2Prog. CoreName List
EC160Project Phase II4Prog. CoreName List
EC163CDMA and OFDM for Wireless Communication2Prog. CoreName List
EC164Advanced Wireless Communication Systems2Prog. CoreName List
EC165Mini Project2Prog. CoreName List
EC167Project Phase II4Prog. CoreName List
ECE51Cryptography and Wireless Security2Prog. ElectiveName List
ECE52Wireless Sensor Networks2Prog. ElectiveName List
ECE62High Speed Networks2Prog. ElectiveName List
ECE71Optical Networks2Prog. ElectiveName List
ECG04Communication for Engineers6Gen. ElectiveName List
ECG04Communication for Engineers8Gen. ElectiveName List
ECP01Signals and Systems4Prog. ElectiveName List
ECP03Control Systems Engineering6Prog. ElectiveName List
ECP04Antennas and Wave Propagation6Prog. ElectiveName List
ECP11Medical Electronics and Informatics8Prog. ElectiveName List
ECP19Satellite Communication Systems8Prog. ElectiveName List
EE106Linear Control Systems4Prog. CoreName List
EE107Electrical Machines - II4Prog. CoreName List
EE108Electronic Circuits4Prog. CoreName List
EE109Pulse and Digital Circuits4Prog. CoreName List
EE110Electrical Machines Laboratory - II4Prog. CoreName List
EE111Electronics Laboratory - I4Prog. CoreName List
EE119Power System Analysis6Prog. CoreName List
EE120Microprocessors and Microcontrollers6Prog. CoreName List
EE121Energy Engineering6Prog. CoreName List
EE122Electronics Laboratory - III6Prog. CoreName List
EE123Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
EE124Power Electronics Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
EE130Comprehensive Test and Viva-Voce8Prog. CoreName List
EE131Project Work (Phase II)8Prog. CoreName List
EE155Digital Control and Controller Design2Prog. CoreName List
EE156Vector Controlled AC Drives2Prog. CoreName List
EE157Electrical Drives Laboratory2Prog. CoreName List
EE158Research Methodology2Prog. CoreName List
EE160Project Phase - II4Prog. CoreName List
EEE54Embedded Systems2Prog. ElectiveName List
EEE62Power Electronics in Power Systems2Prog. ElectiveName List
EEE63Power Quality2Prog. ElectiveName List
EEE64Wind Energy Conversion Systems2Prog. ElectiveName List
EEP02Fuzzy and Neural Systems6Prog. ElectiveName List
EEP05FACTS Controllers8Prog. ElectiveName List
EEP07Electrical Safety and Quality Management8Prog. ElectiveName List
EEP09Digital System Design using VHDL6Prog. ElectiveName List
EEP11Power System Economics8Prog. ElectiveName List
EEP14HVDC Transmission8Prog. ElectiveName List
EEP15Power System Restructuring and Deregulation8Prog. ElectiveName List
EEP19Digital Signal Processing6Prog. ElectiveName List
EEP20Solid State Drives8Prog. ElectiveName List
EEP21Signals and Systems4Prog. ElectiveName List
EI104Linear Integrated Circuits4Prog. CoreName List
EI105Digital Logic Theory and Design4Prog. CoreName List
EI106Sensors and Transducers4Prog. CoreName List
EI107Linear and Integrated Circuits Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
EI108Sensors and Transducers Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
EI109Simulation Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
EI116Process Control6Prog. CoreName List
EI117Industrial Instrumentation6Prog. CoreName List
EI118Digital Signal Processing6Prog. CoreName List
EI119Process Control Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
EI120Embedded System Design Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
EI121Virtual Instrumentation Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
EI127Comprehensive Test and Viva-Voce8Prog. CoreName List
EI128Project Work (Phase II)8Prog. CoreName List
EI160Project Phase II4Prog. CoreName List
EIP02Embedded System Design6Prog. ElectiveName List
EIP05Applied Soft Computing8Prog. ElectiveName List
EIP09Design of Process Control System Components8Prog. ElectiveName List
EIP10Fiber Optics And Laser Instrumentation8Prog. ElectiveName List
EIP16Biomedical Instrumentation6Prog. ElectiveName List
EIP21Signals and Systems4Prog. ElectiveName List
HS101Communicative English21CEProg. CoreName List
HS101Communicative English21CSProg. CoreName List
HS101Communicative English21ITProg. CoreName List
HS101Communicative English21MEProg. CoreName List
HS102General Proficiency6Prog. CoreName List
HS102General Proficiency6Prog. CoreName List
HS102General Proficiency6Prog. CoreName List
HSG02Engineering Economics and Management6Gen. ElectiveName List
IT106Operating Systems4Prog. CoreName List
IT107Microprocessors and Applications4Prog. CoreName List
IT108Design and Analysis of Algorithms4Prog. CoreName List
IT109Algorithms Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
IT110Microprocessors Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
IT111Operating Systems Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
IT118Software Engineering6Prog. CoreName List
IT119Artificial Intelligence6Prog. CoreName List
IT120Web Technology6Prog. CoreName List
IT121Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
IT122Web Technology Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
IT123Software Development Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
IT130Comprehensive Test and Viva-Voce8Prog. CoreName List
IT131Project Work (Phase II)8Prog. CoreName List
IT156Network Security2Prog. CoreName List
IT157Design of Web Services2Prog. CoreName List
IT158Advanced Software Laboratory - II2Prog. CoreName List
IT159Research Methodology2Prog. CoreName List
IT161Project Phase II4Prog. CoreName List
ITE57Biometrics2Prog. ElectiveName List
ITE60Software Project Management2Prog. ElectiveName List
ITE62Multimedia Systems2Prog. ElectiveName List
ITE64Big Data Analytics2Prog. ElectiveName List
ITG04Introduction to Database and Oracle6Gen. ElectiveName List
ITG04Introduction to Database and Oracle8Gen. ElectiveName List
ITP02Information Coding Techniques6Prog. ElectiveName List
ITP03C# And .Net Programming8Prog. ElectiveName List
ITP05Real-Time Systems8Prog. ElectiveName List
ITP13Object Oriented Analysis and Design4Prog. ElectiveName List
ITP16Distributed Computing6Prog. ElectiveName List
ITP17High Speed Networks8Prog. ElectiveName List
ITP20Cloud Computing8Prog. ElectiveName List
MA102Mathematics - II21CEProg. CoreName List
MA102Mathematics - II21CHProg. CoreName List
MA102Mathematics - II21CSProg. CoreName List
MA102Mathematics - II21ECProg. CoreName List
MA102Mathematics - II21EEProg. CoreName List
MA102Mathematics - II21EIProg. CoreName List
MA102Mathematics - II21ITProg. CoreName List
MA102Mathematics - II21MEProg. CoreName List
MA104Numerical Methods4Prog. CoreName List
MA105Mathematics - IV4Prog. CoreName List
MA106Partial Differential Equations and Numerical Methods4Prog. CoreName List
MA106Partial Differential Equations and Numerical Methods4Prog. CoreName List
MA107Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory4Prog. CoreName List
MA107Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory4Prog. CoreName List
MA108Linear Algebra and Numerical Methods4Prog. CoreName List
ME101Engineering Thermodynamics21CHProg. CoreName List
ME101Engineering Thermodynamics21ECProg. CoreName List
ME101Engineering Thermodynamics21EEProg. CoreName List
ME101Engineering Thermodynamics21EIProg. CoreName List
ME102Engineering Graphics21CHProg. CoreName List
ME102Engineering Graphics21ECProg. CoreName List
ME102Engineering Graphics21EEProg. CoreName List
ME102Engineering Graphics21EIProg. CoreName List
ME103Workshop Practice21CEProg. CoreName List
ME103Workshop Practice21CSProg. CoreName List
ME103Workshop Practice21ITProg. CoreName List
ME103Workshop Practice21MEProg. CoreName List
ME109Engineering Metallurgy4Prog. CoreName List
ME110Kinematics of Machinery4Prog. CoreName List
ME111Machining Processes4Prog. CoreName List
ME112Machine Drawing4Prog. CoreName List
ME113Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
ME114Machining Processes Laboratory4Prog. CoreName List
ME121Thermal Engineering6Prog. CoreName List
ME122Design of Machine Elements6Prog. CoreName List
ME123Metrology and Mechanical Measurements6Prog. CoreName List
ME124Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
ME125Modeling and Simulation Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
ME126Mechanical Measurements and Metrology Laboratory6Prog. CoreName List
ME129Industrial Engineering and Management6Prog. CoreName List
ME133Comprehensive Test and Viva-Voce8Prog. CoreName List
ME134Project Work (Phase II)8Prog. CoreName List
ME156Computational Fluid Dynamics2Prog. CoreName List
ME157Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems2Prog. CoreName List
ME158Computational Techniques Laboratory2Prog. CoreName List
ME159Research Methodology2Prog. CoreName List
ME159Research Methodology2Prog. CoreName List
ME161Project Phase II4Prog. CoreName List
ME167Modern Manufacturing Techniques2Prog. CoreName List
ME168Robust Design and Quality Engineering2Prog. CoreName List
ME169CAM Laboratory2Prog. CoreName List
ME171Project Phase II4Prog. CoreName List
MEE53Alternative Fuels and Their Applications2Prog. ElectiveName List
MEE54Biomass Conversion Systems2Prog. ElectiveName List
MEE57Energy Conversion Systems2Prog. ElectiveName List
MEE60Micro-Nano Scale Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer2Prog. ElectiveName List
MEE71Design for Manufacture and Assembly2Prog. ElectiveName List
MEE74Industrial Robotics Technology2Prog. ElectiveName List
MEE77Principles of Maintenance and Safety Engineering2Prog. ElectiveName List
MEE79Nanotechnology2Prog. ElectiveName List
MEG02Fluid and Thermal Machines6Gen. ElectiveName List
MEP01Advanced IC Engines8Prog. ElectiveName List
MEP05Automobile Engineering6Prog. ElectiveName List
MEP07Composite Materials6Prog. ElectiveName List
MEP11Control System Engineering6Prog. ElectiveName List
MEP26Total Quality Management8Prog. ElectiveName List
MEP27Utilization of Non-Conventional Energy Sources4Prog. ElectiveName List
MEP29Computational Fluid Mechanics8Prog. ElectiveName List
PH102Material Science21CEProg. CoreName List
PH102Material Science21CHProg. CoreName List
PH102Material Science21CSProg. CoreName List
PH102Material Science21ECProg. CoreName List
PH102Material Science21EEProg. CoreName List
PH102Material Science21EIProg. CoreName List
PH102Material Science21ITProg. CoreName List
PH102Material Science21MEProg. CoreName List
PH103Physics laboratory21CEProg. CoreName List
PH103Physics laboratory21CSProg. CoreName List
PH103Physics laboratory21ITProg. CoreName List
PH103Physics laboratory21MEProg. CoreName List
PHE51Nanotechnology and its Applications2Prog. ElectiveName List
PHG01Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology6Gen. ElectiveName List
PHG01Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology8Gen. ElectiveName List