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26-Aug-2019Minutes of the meeting with Deans and HODs held on 26.08.2019 at 2:30pm in the chamber of the PrincipalMultiple MattersView Circular
31-Jul-2019SWAYAM-NPTEL Meeting MinutesSWAYAM NPTELView Circular
25-Jul-2019Caution Deposit RefundCaution DepositView Circular
13-Jun-2019Legal Section inchargeLegal SectionView Circular
12-Jun-2019Final Submission of Revised B.Tech. CurriculamRevised CurrilumView Circular
24-May-2019Conducting of MCC Courses and Passing CriteriaConducting of MCC Courses and Passing CriteriaView Circular
23-May-2019Minutes of the HoDs Meeting held on 17th May 2019 in the Principal's Chamber at 3:00 pmOdd Semester Work Load, Honour / Minor Course Work Allotment, Appointment of Guest Faculty, Class Room Requirement Passing Criteria for MCCView Circular
04-Apr-2019Attention of All Ph.D. ScholarsPh.D.View Circular