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Important Point to Remember during Fee Payments
  • Sometimes the transactions may take more time than expected.
  • If the status of the transaction in reported as "failed", and amount NOT DEDUCTED from your account please try after at least one hour.
  • If the status of the transaction in reported as "failed", and amount DEDUCTED from your account, contact the IIC office before attempting further payment.
  • If case of multiple payments for the same purpose, contact the IIC office ONLY to initiate REFUND if applicable.

  • Fee Payments

    View Academic Fee Demand

    Pay Tuition Fee
    Pay Other Fee

    Pay Examination Fee
    Pay Condonation Fee

    Hostel Fee - Full Payment
    Hostel Fee - First Installment
    Hostel Fee - Second Installment

    Generate Receipt for all Fees
    Sequence to be Followed by Hostel Students
    1. Pay the Hostel Fee
    2. Fill Hostel Application
    3. Make sure that the signatures of you / your parent are are duly made at appropriate places in the Application and the Undertakings
    4. Submit Hostel Fee Payment Receipt and Hostel Application to Hostel Office to get the Room Number
    5. Submit the Application to IIS for other formalities